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High technologies

INDUSTRY Electronica JSC
Electronica JSC was established in 1960 under the name 'plant Electronica'. Immediately after its creation, in 1961 the company began manufacturing electronic measuring devices like oscilloscopes, generators, voltmeters, and various electric adapters.
Until 1972 the company was one of the first and biggest manufacturers of electronic calculators in Europe - Elka 6521. Later in the year 1977 the factory started the production of the first electronic cash register in Eastern Europe.
In the following years, till 1988, Electronica produced 16 and 32 bit mini computer systems, graphic stations, and on their basis - systems for automatic design (CAD).
Electronica has more than 40 years of experience in the production of electronic devices, and over 70% of its production is exported. The quality of the manufactured products is guaranteed by the quality control certificate ISO 9001:2000.
The companys activities range cover design, production, marketing and service of:
independent and system electronic cash registers with fiscal memory;
fiscal printers;
taximeter registers with fiscal memory;
electronic systems for registering the sales of liquid fuels;
electronic devices for control of fuel-pumps (petrol, diesel and gas);
electronic static single-phase multi-tariff electrometers for registration of active energy;
banknote counters;
a wide range of peripheral devices for connection with cash registers;
design and production of specific custom-made devices in the field of electronics and mechanics;
Electronica exports its products in Russia, Romania, Serbia and Monte Negro, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Poland etc. The company has formed a network of over 180 service and sales representatives with rich experience.
The company's modern manufacturing facilities with separate infrastructure as well as technological equipment for metal and plastic treatment, in combination with the expertise of its qualified personnel, provide the necessary flexibility for quick change in the manufacturing arrangements in order to comply with the market requirements.
Electronica prides itself on an excellent reputation not only in the country but abroad as well. It has rich experience in managing cooperated import-exports as well as a successful track record in the creation of joint companies in Russia, Serbia and Monte Negro, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Greece.
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