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High technologies

ZTI JSC was established in 1959 in the city of Pernik. The factory develops and manufactures a wide range of semiconductor rectifiers for starter and stationary batteries (including traction batteries).
The production of ZTI JSC is a joint effort of the collaboration between the specialists from the firm of ‘Technical University - Sofia’, ‘CELHIT - BAN’, the institute of ‘BALKANCAR’, all Bulgarian manufacturers of accumulators, ‘BALKANCAR HOLDING’ and representatives units from ‘GERMANOS’, ‘VARTA’, ‘HOPACKE’ and ‘SONNENCHEIN’. They have been tested in the laboratory of ‘ELECTRON PROGRESS’ - Sofia. The devices meet the European standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic conformity, as well as the requirements of the standards for storage batteries BDS 5845-82 and DIN 43536A, and they are tested under BDS 4329-88.
The company products are certified by the National Federation of MOS ‘CERTIUM’ - Russia; MAK Scientific and Research Institute of Ukraine; OS ANO ‘BAASS’ - Russia. Responding to the high market requirements, ZTI JSC has introduced the EN ISO 9001-2000 (as of 2004) Quality Management System. In 2005 ZTI was awarded a Gold Medal during the International Plovdiv Fair, the biggest exhibition for industrial devices in Bulgaria with the strongest foreign participation. As of 27.02.2007 ZTI has adopted a NCAGE code for producer and supplier, according to the codification system of NATO.
ZTI JSC produces:
Individual charging devices ('EPK M - Pulsar' range) for traction accumulator batteries with impulse output current, securing the charge and supporting all types of batteries with capacity from 65 up to 1000Ah and voltage from 12 up to 80V. The new generation impulse rectifiers 'PULSAR', meet the new trends and DIN requirements . They are certified by TUV and approved by the manufacturers of batteries - 'ENERGIA' JSC, 'ELHIM ISKRA', 'VARTA' and 'MONBAT';
Charging and starting - charging devices for all types of batteries (12 and 24V/36A to 200Ah), supplying forced charge and supported charging for unlimited period, especially during the winter season;
Freight forks from 100 up to 600A in 100A with digital indication;
Discharging devices from 1 up to 100A with microprocessor control; ZTI JSC maintains its own service department for repairing and upgrading the production. The Factory has developed and manufactured customized equipment by special demand, as follows;
Rectifiers with general industrial purpose, especially for energy sector - mines, heating power stations, nuclear power stations etc;
Rectifiers with special purpose for the needs of the Armed Forces, mainly for Marine and Land Forces.
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